Key Features of Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech recognition software package. It enables you to control your computer interactions. It also allows you to enter text and formatting into other computer programs. It is available in both home and professional versions. There is also a mobile device version available. I will discuss about the key features of this software here.     

Key Features of Dragon Naturally Speaking
Dragon Naturally Speaking supports both Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android devices. It also supports a large variety of microphones and headsets. Additionally, it integrates with most popular browsers and various productivity software products. These include Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, WordPad, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft excel, etc.   
There are various features of Dragon Naturally Speaking. I will describe the key features here. 

Multiple Versions
It is available in a home version and various professional versions. The home edition includes all of Dragon’s standard features. These include auto-improving voice recognition, the ability to customize spellings, words, and phrases. They also include voice commands for editing and formatting text. It also includes the text-to-speech and interface commands features. 

The two primary professional versions are Dragon professional Individual and Dragon Professional Group.        
There are also professional versions for specific business types, such as legal and medical. Moreover, there is Dragon Anywhere. It is a mobile version of dragon that can synchronize with other versions of the software.   

Accurate and Auto-Improving Voice Recognition 
The software is designed to be highly accurate. You can also customize it to better recognize your voice and speech patterns. You will need to interact with the guided set-up for this. Then, as you use the software, it automatically improves by learning your speech patterns, commonly used vocabulary and other personal characteristics. You will also get an enhanced dictionary of business specific vocabulary and terms with the professional versions.

Voice Commands for Controlling Computer Interactions   
You can perform various computer interactions without using a mouse or keyboard with Dragon. You can use voice commands to perform functions like opening a program, changing the window you are viewing, selecting items from a menu, etc.  You can also perform various end-to-end tasks using voice commands. These include sending an email, creating a Facebook post, or sending a tweet via Twitter.  

Voice-Enabled Editing
While dictating text for Dragon to enter, you can use voice commands to insert specific punctuation and formatting. There are a variety of voice commands for editing and formatting existing text. You can also change spellings, bold and underline text, capitalize text, delete text and phrases, etc. When you use editing commands, Dragon uses its Smart Format Rules features. It helps you to remember your preferences for syntax, abbreviations, etc. 

There is also a feature to help you navigate and edit your text. It allows you to have a quick, on-screen reference to to all available commands and then invoke them.    

These unique features of Dragon Naturally Speaking makes it the first choice among speech recognition software.

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